Important Upcoming Dates


Important upcoming dates to remember for faculty

February 26: Deadline for Summer 2015 textbook adoptions.

March 1: Students begin registering for their Summer 2015 courses.

April 22: Deadline for Fall 2015 course adoptions. We are legally obligated to have textbook information available for students as they register. This date ensures that we have enough time to enter all of the textbook adoptions we receive before Academic Advising begins. 

April 28: Students begin registering for their Fall 2015 courses.

May 15: Used book buyback begins. The used book buy list is based on the early submissions of confirmed text orders received by the Campus Store. Submitting your order before buyback helps us get money into the hands of our students and also helps us get used books on our shelves. The buy list takes time to work and edit so please keep this in mind when submitting your order.






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