Textbook Reservations Notes and Instructions


-- Our stock is changing constantly. Because you order days and even weeks before your order is picked used copies cannot be guaranteed. If you order used copies, your order will be filled first with used books and with new books if used books become unavailable. This policy includes rental titles. Reservations are first come first serve. The earlier you order, the better your chances that we will have used books for you! Prices are also subject to change. Please NOTE that your reservation/order total will probably be different than the actual amount charged to your Student Misc. Account! Prices and availability are subject to change and a $3 Reservation Handling fee will be added to each order! Your actual receipt will be in your box.

--Reserved books are available for full returns (with receipt) through Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015. Sealed packages, EBOOKS and/or sealed access codes are NOT RETURNABLE if opened.

--If you do not get a confirmation email within a few minutes, your order DID NOT GO THROUGH. Check that you created your account with a correct email address. If so, send your order again! It is easy for us to cancel an order if you discover you did end up with two confirmations.

--Books are not back-ordered. If a book is not in your box, you will need to visit the store to purchase it off the shelf at a future time. Stop in the store and check the shelf.

--If you live in the dorms, your order will be delivered to your dorm desk by Jan. 30, 2015.
(KE orders will be in Theta)

--If you live off-campus, your order will be at the Store, ready to be picked up by Jan. 30, 2015.

The Instructions: Don't forget to click all the way through your order until you see "thank you!"

  1. From the Textbooks tab on the home page, select RESERVATION (LOGIN).
  2. Login to the portal– this is how we will get your registration information.You will not be able to get your booklist if you're not registered for classes. If you need to look at book information, but are not registered, please visit https://kvcdata.calvin.edu/cgi-bin/wwizsc/wwizsc4.asp?wwizmstr=X.WZ.TBOOK.HEOA
  3. Click on "continue" to see your booklist and reserve your books. Edit your textbook list. You can choose used books for them all but, if we run out of used copies or did not have them available, we will fill your order with new books. If two books are listed as choose one, you must have one of them for the class. The MOST IMPORTANT THING you are doing here is letting us know which books you DO NOT WANT in your reservation box. If it's on your order, we will pull it. So, if you already have a certain book, or don't need it, remove it from your list. Click on "reserve selected books".
  4. See your list again and click on "Complete Reservation". You can still edit it here.
  5. If you have PREVIOUSLY CREATED AN ACCOUNT on our store site, simply login to your account. If this is YOUR FIRST TIME RESERVING books, click on "create an account" using your Calvin Email address. Fill in the required fields giving us your (THE STUDENT’S) first AND last name. (Don’t worry too much about the address field – we will find you.) Submit.
  6. Read the important information in the box. If you agree, click on "I agree". Continue.
  7. You MUST click on "Place my order" on this page to complete your order.
  8. Print a copy of the "receipt", which is actually just a copy of your reservation/order.  Remember, prices are subject to change. If a "used" copy is unavailable WE WILL FILL THE ORDER WITH "NEW". Your real receipt and order total will be in your reservation box.
    IMPORTANT – Wait for a confirmation email. If you don’t receive one, check the email address on your store account, or resubmit your order if it did not complete.  If you still don’t receive a confirmation email, or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call or email us at any time. Ph. 526-7651 or Email at (campus-store@calvin.edu)

Thank you for using our textbook reservation system!






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