Q&A on Adoptions

Q&A on Textbook Adoptions

1. When are course adoptions due?

Your course adoptions are due in to the Campus Store around one week previous to student registration, in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA).

2. Besides for HEOA, why is it important to adopt my courses by this date?

When course adoptions are submitted on time:

  • The Campus Store has the needed time to reduce retail costs by sourcing books online, maximizing used book quantities, and buying books back from students. In addition, students have enough time to source books online and through other students.
  • Academic Services has the necessary time to procure the appropriate material for special-needs students.

When course adoptions are not submitted on time:

  • It impacts the Campus Store because late course adoptions, especially within three weeks of the start of term, by diverting the store’s resources away from fulfilling textbook reservations, tracking down late orders, assisting students, and setting up the textbook floor.
  • It impacts other faculty because ordering textbooks is a long and multi-layered process that, if delayed by late orders, makes it difficult for the store to catch old editions, out of print books, and backordered titles with enough time for faculty to make the appropriate course adjustments before the beginning of the term.
  • It impacts Calvin College because the Campus Store is a non-profit entity returning 100% of store profits back to Calvin College. Late course adoptions divert our resources away from serving the students while making it more difficult to offer competitive prices, thus reducing essential revenue for the college.
We realize that there are unavoidable circumstances like ill-health, family emergencies, and course adjustments that prevent courses from being adopted by a reasonable date. However, the sooner we receive course adoptions the better we can serve you, your students, and Calvin College as a whole. Partial adoptions are welcome if you are unsure of all of the textbooks, but we do order off of this information so it is important for it to be as accurate as possible. 

3. How do I adopt textbooks?

The Calvin Campus Store is now utilizing Verba Collect, a software program that helps bookstores improve their textbook adoptions system. Please click here for more information on how this process works.

4. When do the orders get placed with the publishers?

We order from the used book wholesaler starting at the end of October for Spring Semester and in the beginning of June for Fall Semester. Purchase orders for new books are sent in after we can no longer find any more used books or when we know that we have to order directly from the publisher.

5. What if I change my mind about the book order after it has been placed?

If you have any information about course adoption changes, (title cancellation, course cancellation, sections added, instructor change, etc.), after you have submitted an order, please contact the Campus Store immediately at campus-store@calvin.edu
Any changes in orders after the book has been shipped may result in the department being charged freight costs incurred as well as the costs of used books bought directly from students based on the book order. If a last minute book needs to be expedited, the expedited charge may also be charged to the department. 

6. Will you let me know edition changes, out of stocks, etc?

Professors are asked to be aware of new/old editions as it is difficult for the Campus Store to catch all of them on the front end of adoptions.  Once we do hear that a text has changed edition, or format, we will notify you immediately. If there is no stock at the publisher and there is a likelihood of stock not arriving in time for classes, the Campus Store will contact you for further action. 

7. How do I order a desk copy?

Desk copies can be obtained directly from the publishers. Faculty are responsible for obtaining their own desk copies. We are willing to assist you, though, if you cannot find a copy or the publisher's representative. 

8. What about course packs or lab manuals from Printing Services?

Course packs or lab manuals should be adopted like any other book. If you are using the exact same coursepack/lab manual from a previous semester, please select it under Past Books in Verba Collect. We will then proceed to order that exact one from Printing Services. If you are making any changes at all to your coursepack/lab manual, you will need to add a new one under Supplies & Coursepacks. The Campus Store does not make any assumptions so it is up to the professor or department to communicate thoroughly in regards to Printing Services materials. Departments may be held responsible for any misprints due to adoption errors.
If you are using anything that is copyrighted, we will need enough time to request permission to reprint. This can often take up to 8 weeks to hear back. It is never too early to submit your copyright request! We do not need to know enrollment numbers for us to request copyright. Please see the copyright page for more information on how to go about submitting your request.

9. I probably will not be able to submit my book order on time. When is the last day to do so?

Please remember that you are legally obligated to submit your order by student registration. (See HEOA for more information). If to the best of your ability, you still cannot submit your order by then, please submit it as soon as possible so we can have plenty of time to get them ordered, received, and on the shelves.

10. How do I check to make sure the correct books are listed for my class?

We offer this link where you can select the semester and each course to see what books are listed. The default for blank courses is "Textbooks have not yet been determined." If you see this and you have previously submitted a textbook adoption, please let us know immediately. You can also always send an email, walk over, or call and we would be happy to tell you what books are assigned.

If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding the above information, please contact Shelly Mosurinjohn by e-mail or by phone 616-526-7808.






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