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Calvin College Campus Store is committed to serving the students of Calvin College for all their textbook needs. We offer many different programs that allow students to get the right books for their classes at the best possible price. Textbook purchases made from the Campus Store are always guaranteed against class cancellations, dropped classes, last minute title or edition changes or damage/defect.

Listed below are several textbook programs aimed at reducing the overall cost of textbooks, encouraging sustainability by reusing textbooks, and providing convenience, value and service to the students at Calvin College.

Textbook Reservations

Online Not in-line!! Each semester, students can login via our website and access their personal booklist based upon their schedule of classes. Books can be reserved online and shortly before classes begin, their order will be picked, packed and delivered to their dorm front desk. No waiting in lines or wondering about book titles. Take advantage of this great service available to all students. Watch your email for notification!

Used Books

Calvin College understands that the rising cost of textbooks is a major concern for today's student. Used books typically cost 25% less than the new copies. The Store works closely with Calvin faculty to get early adoptions and searches the used book market early and often to obtain as many used books as possible. On average, 40% of the textbooks sold at the Store each semester are used copies. Used books save money and trees!


Renting textbooks is becoming a popular option as the initial cost outlay for the student can be one half to two thirds of the purchase price. Calvin Campus Store offers as many titles as possible for rent each semester. Rental books must be returned by the last day of exams each semester. See the Store or this website for more details and check out your booklist for rentable titles.


The Campus Store offers textbook buyback several times each year, with the largest buyback occurring at the end of each academic term. The Store buys back books being used again by Calvin faculty for the subsequent term at great prices (often HALF of the new price!). If the book isn't being used, or when the quota is filled, wholesale (national market) value will be offered. Buyback dates are posted well in advance on both the website and on bulletin boards around campus.

Digital Content

While many classes at Calvin require online access to homework managers or study guides, digital textbooks are only beginning to gain popularity. Calvin Campus Store will be offering, as a content option, digital format for selected textbooks. These "ebooks" will be available for online access, or download to a laptop, personal computer, iPad or iPhone. All of these format choices will offer the ability to highlight, print, and add notes within the content.






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