Copyright Compliance Procedures

Annual Copyright License

Calvin has contracted with the Copyright Clearance Center for an annual copyright license. This license covers most of the documents you normally distribute to students in paper form as handouts and coursepacks, or electronically, such as in pdf format. To verify that your document is covered by our license, go to the Copyright Clearance Center website.

For those documents not covered, the Copyright Clearance Center will, in many cases, contact the copyright holder for copyright permission or provide information for the requester to contact to copyright holder. In both of these situations, the Copyright Clearance Center license does not cover the cost of the copyright permission.

Where to begin?

The How-to on Course Materials

All copyright permissions for course packs are secured by Shelly Mosurinjohn in the Campus Store.

The Campus Store

General Rule: Any time there is an exchange of money for a course pack, it should be happening at the Campus Store so sales tax can be properly recorded.

As soon as possible, send the document title and related copyright information to Shelly Mosurinjohn ( Securing copyright permission can often take up to 6 weeks so the sooner we request it, the better chance it will be available when the course begins.

For copyright purposes, please include:

  • ISBN-even if it is an article, the ISBN of the book where it appeared is needed
  • Author/Editor
  • Book/Periodical Title
  • Edition and Year Published
  • Chapter Title
  • Page # (even if a newspaper article, page numbers are necessary)
  • Publishing Company

The Campus Store uses the Copyright Clearance Center to request copyright permission and on some occasions contacts the rights holder directly. They also keep track of how much each article in the course pack costs. If a professor is inquiring about how much a course pack costs, a breakdown can easily be given to him/her of the copyright charge. The articles are then added up and the total is used to figure out the retail price that each student will pay.

A new item is created in our inventory every time a new course pack or lab manual is assigned to a class, even if there are only minor revisions to an old pack/manual.* A purchase order is then sent to Printing Services (PS) with the number of students enrolled. To avoid a jam at PS, there are often two ordering rounds. The first round is a conservative order based on expected enrollment. Once the semester nears, the enrollment numbers are reexamined and a second order is placed if needed.

Tip: Starting a month (or so) before classes start, students can reserve their course materials through the Campus Store. Then, several weeks before classes start, their orders are picked and delivered to their dorms. Please keep this date in mind when viewing the deadline of getting your course materials in. The more that can be picked before classes start means more students having their materials on the first day of class.

*If a professor is changing even a small section of a course pack or lab manual...please let Shelly know ASAP. Otherwise an order for the old course pack/lab manual might get sent over and PS will print it up incorrectly!*

Printing Services

Once the course pack or lab manual is set to print, a hard or digital copy can be sent to Printing Services ( Digital are preferred but hard copies can be scanned in as well. Every course pack that is printed is saved in a database to be accessed for future reference.

What they need:

1. If this is selling at the Campus Store, please specify that it will be delivered to the Campus Store

2. The details on how the course pack/lab manual should look

  • Black and white or color prints

1.Color cover page and black and white inside
2.Everything black and white
3.All color

  • Color paper for the covers
  • Spiral, wire or tape bound
  • Two sided or one sided

3. Whether or not a proof is needed

4. What the cover page should say

  • If possible, work the title out with the store so it is clear to students exactly what course pack is needed

5. Whether or not any extra copies should be sent to the department; the cost of those then get added into the price that the students will pay.

6. If digital copies were sent over, they need to know how the course book should be organized

Important tips:

  • If there is just a small section that needs to be changed, let Printing Services know what simply needs to be removed or added. Making minor changes to a document is a lot easier than rescanning/sorting a whole new course pack. Also, scanned in items often need to be "cleaned up" to remove the black edges on the background. If you can make the changes based off of the previous pack, it will guarantee to save a ton of time.
  • While Printing Services usually has a great turn around rate, course packs do take a lot of time to print. The earlier they are sent in, the earlier they can be printed up.





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