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Student Jobs

More than 1,800 Calvin students work part-time in various on-campus jobs. Students who are eligible for federal work-study (based on the FAFSA application) will have their wages paid through this federal program. Students do not need to be eligible for federal work-study in order to work on-campus.

On-campus job openings, including those at the Campus Store, are posted with Student Employment Services. Please search for jobs using CalvinLink on the Student Employment Office website for current job openings. In most cases, a student working 10 to 12 hours per week earning minimum wage will be able to earn about $2,300 or more over the course of an academic year. An estimate of potential earnings is included in a student’s financial aid award package.  Actual earnings are paid directly to the student. Students may choose to have a set amount or a percentage of each paycheck deposited to their tuition account.

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Student Employment Services posts current on-campus job openings on a regular basis. Off-campus positions are also listed. (616) 526-7000






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