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Textbook Reservations

What are Textbook Reservations?

Textbook Reservations is a program that the Calvin Campus Store offers to make it easier for students to get their books. This allows students to go to our website and reserve their books. Once we get the order, we will pick the books and then charge them to the student's Miscellaneous account. Once charged, we will then deliver them to the dorms and apartments. If the student is off campus, we will store them for easy pick up.

What does it mean if it says "choose one" or "optional"?

We use the term "Choose One" to show that the professor is giving the students the choice between multiple texts. The students can decide which text is the better choice for them. The term "Optional" is used when a professor is not requiring a book, but rather suggests it as a book that will be beneficial to read alongside the required reading.

I didn't get a confirmation e-mail. Did I not submit an order?

In order to fully submit an order, you have to press the "Complete my Order". Many times, students will stop with "Place my Order". Please continue on until you see a "Thank you!" A confirmation e-mail will then be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

The website is asking me to log in again when I already logged into the Portal. Why is that?

The Portal login is to get your current schedule and attach it to your booklist. The second login is to allow you to "shop" on our site and place your reservation. Keep in mind that you create this account the first time you place a reservation so the user name is different (would be the e-mail you entered) and the password could be different than your portal password. You can use an account created previously, or simply create a new one if you can't remember your password.
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Textbook Rentals

How does this work?

At the register or online a customer can choose whether or not they want to rent or buy the book. If they choose to rent, they will then have to return the book to the Campus Store at the end of the semester.

How can I tell if a book is available for rent?

When looking through our Textbook Reservation system, books available for rent will be noted as such in the section notes. Additionally, you will see the radial tab showing availability of used and/or new RENTAL copies of that book. Please select carefully! When looking on the shelves, books that are available for rent will have bright sticker on the course tag to indicate it is available for rent. There is no physical indicator on the book itself. Every book that is available for rent can either be rented or bought.

When do I bring my book back at the end of the semester? What happens if I don't return my book?

The final drop off date is the last day of exams. Books can be dropped off at any register. If books aren't returned by 5:00 on the last day of exams, the Calvin Campus Store will charge the Miscellaneous account an amount equal to the replacement cost plus a 15% late charge and applicable sales tax per rental textbook.

Can I write in the book?

You can use the book however you would normally. However, the book must be returned in a saleable condition without excessive highlighting, underlining, or marking.

I dropped my class, can I return my rental?

Yes. Rental books follow the same return policy as any other textbook.
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Digital textbooks are available for a number of courses. Visit the RedShelf site https://calvin.redshelf.com/faq/ for information and frequently asked questions about our e-textbooks options.
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Textbook FAQ's

What is the HEOA and how does it affect me?

The idea behind HEOA is to give students more information when they are deciding what classes to register for. This information would ideally allow students to see tentative information on what the textbook costs would be for a particular class.

While this is beneficial to students, it is important to remember that this information is subject to change. Professors sometimes change textbook choices right up until classes start-or even later.

When making purchasing decisions, please remember that the Campus Store can only guarantee purchases made through our location.

The textbook search page allows me to see my books. How can I purchase/reserve them?

This information is more for choosing courses rather than purchasing books. Orders placed through this search function cannot be filled because your Student ID will not be attached to the order. We encourage you to use our Textbook Reservation service to obtain your books. Because the textbook information can change at any time, our reservation system will allow for continuing adjustments as professors solidify their choices. For example, if you reserve books for a class that is cancelled later, we will adjust your reservation for you. The Campus Store's Textbook Reservation system will be available in early August for Fall and mid-January for Spring. Please watch your e-mail for official notification! Otherwise, please stop by the Store at any time to purchase your books.

Remember, the Campus Store is the only place that will guarantee all returns of cancelled or dropped classes.

Why doesn't my class show any books?

If no books are listed, it is most likely that either the professor hasn't been determined yet or the professor has not decided on what book(s) to use for this class yet. As soon as the Campus Store finds out what books will be used, the information will be added to this listing.

What happens if my class is cancelled or I drop a class and I've already bought the book?

All books purchased from the Campus Store can be returned if the class is cancelled or if you drop a class (requires proof of drop), but we cannot guarantee any purchases made from outside sources.

What does it mean if it says "choose one" or "optional"?

We use the term "Choose One" to show that the professor is giving the students the choice between multiple texts. The students can decide which text is the better choice for them.

The term "Optional" is used when a professor is not requiring a book, but rather suggests it as a book that will be beneficial to read alongside the required reading.

Why do some of the ISBN's provided not show up when I search them online?

In some cases, the professor has decided on a text that comes in a special package. A package set is always given a new ISBN. It could also be a book that is printed on campus or is a custom edition, in which case the book has a custom ISBN and is not available elsewhere.

What does it mean if it says "used books not available"?

"Used books not available" shows that at the time of viewing, the Campus Store does not have used copies in our store. This could be because it is a recent addition and it is on order or that it is too early to have the stock on hand. By early August for Fall, and mid January for Spring, the Store has received the majority of used books into stock that are available. At that time, if the used copies are not in stock, the Store will most likely be carrying only new.

What if I have other questions that aren't addressed here?

Please feel free to contact us at the Campus Store at any time. We are here to help you! You can send an e-mail to campus-store@calvin.edu, call us at (616)526-6376 or feel free to stop by and see us.
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Buyback dates
Get CASH for your used books!
Friday, May 15   9:00-5:00
Monday, May 18   9:00-5:00
Tuesday, May 19   9:00-5:00
Wednesday, May 20   9:00-5:00
Thursday, May 21   9:00-5:00
Friday, May 22   9:00-5:00

Don't forget your student ID!

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Rental Return Date

Spring 2015 rentals are due back no later than May 22, 2015
Rentals must be returned IN THE STORE!





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